Campaigns like #feesmustfall demonstrate that higher education remains prohibitively expensive for the majority of South African students. We have many examples of young women who are academically competent but forced to stay at home while they apply for funding or entry-level jobs, in a country with stubbornly high youth unemployment, in order to earn an income to pay for their education. This causes frustration and unnecessary delays for their educational attainment and personal development.

The majority of our beneficiaries are the first in their families to complete Grade 12 – let alone enroll at university. In addition to financial constraints, the lack of positive role models and academic mentors, within families and the broader community, contributes to high university drop-out rates.

Through fundraising we have paid the undergraduate and postgraduate costs of young women in a range of disciplines at accredited higher education institutions across South Africa.

Read their stories on Our Graduates page. We are passionate about supporting young women to make uninterrupted transitions from high school to university and ultimately the world of work. We share various bursary and work opportunities on Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter.

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